Apr 21, 2016


There's a handful of blogs that I adore, constantly read, and are a huge inspiration for me - and all for their own reason! I've gathered my favorites to share with you today!

If you're looking for advice or blogging help check out Advice from a Twenty Something
Amanda offers advice for the modern girl and is so responsive! She gave me advice for my upcoming trip to San Francisco sine she lives there and gave me a list of neighborhoods to check out! She also has a great series about Blogging 101 that I've found very helpful!

If you're looking for a good book check out Anchored to Sunshine
Amanda always has the best book suggestions! She gives honest reviews and has really inspired me to start reading more.

If you're looking for help planning a trip check out The Overseas Escape
Margo has everything you need to plan a European vacation! She offers custom itinerary planning and also has put together a lot of "Escape Guides" that are perfect for planning on your own. Be sure to read her blog posts too for fun stories and travel envy.

If you're looking for DIY inspiration check out A Beautiful Mess & I Spy DIY
A Beautiful Mess is my go to for DIY projects! They cover every topic you can imagine and has really gorgeous photos that offer great step by step instructions

I Spy DIY is my favorite for inspiration! Jenni puts gathers lots of beautiful pictures based on a certain theme that is inspiring her lately and it's a great resource for ideas.

If you're looking for a funny and inspiring lifestyle blog check out Curly and Wordy
There's something about Bethany's posts that always make me happy and leave me smiling. She is always so positive and talks about some great subjects to live a happier more meaningful life.

If you're looking for great new recipes to try check out Pinch of Yum
I just recently discovered Lindsay's blog and I am so obsessed already! Her photos make you wish the food was right in front of you and her blog is easy to follow. She's also a Minnesota girl like me which makes me like her even more!

Who are your favorite bloggers to follow? Are there any that you can't go a day without checking?

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