Aug 30, 2016

Packing for a Five Day Trip in a Carry-on

Baggage fees are expensive and there's the risk of losing your luggage but thankfully, it's completely possible to pack for a five day trip using just a carry-on and your personal item bag. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you've got everything you need!

Plan and coordinate your outfits
Before you start packing think about the outfits you're going want to wear during your trip. Consider the weather you will be experiencing and what activities you have planned. Try and create a mini capsule wardrobe with multiple pieces that work together in multiple outfits. It's the best way to pack light but still cover all your outfit needs.

Take advantage of your plane outfit
First and foremost, make sure you're going to be comfortable when you're on the plane! Second, think about what you want to wear that might be bulky if you were to stow it in your carry-on. This is a great opportunity to wear a sweater or zip-up hoodie (especially considering planes can be chilly) or a pair of shoes that take up a lot of space. I like to wear my tennis shoes on the plane because even if they are harder to take off and put on at security, they take up a lot more space than my sandals.

Don't bring unnecessary items
When you're packing your bag and you've added that sixth swimming suit even though you'll only be on vacation for five days then that might not be the only thing you've over-packed. Pack your bag all at one time instead of over the course of a week to avoid adding unnecessary things to your suitcase. If you're packing a shirt that you never wear when you're not on vacation but think you might when you are, chances are you still won't wear it! Pack clothes that you know you love and that can be worn multiple ways to prevent your bag from filling up too fast.

Take advantage of your "small personal item"
This is one of the best ways to bring more than you can fit in your carry-on! Usually airlines allow you a carry-on bag that can be stored above the seats along with a "small personal item" like a purse or computer bag that can fit under your seat during take off. I like to bring a backpack as my small personal item so I can fit my purse, my camera, plane entertainment, and maybe even a piece of clothing that wouldn't allow my carry-on to zip close.

What are some of your tips for packing for vacation? Do you have a go to travel wardrobe that makes it easier to to pack light?

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