Jan 21, 2017

10 Ways to Save for a Future Vacation

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If you're anything like me you've set a goal for this year to travel more! But the first step to making that happen is saving up the money to pay for your next vacation. It can seem daunting at first but if you make a few changes in your life you can easily save up money to put towards your vacation fund!

01) Go through your closet - This is a great way to declutter and earn some cash! Go through your clothes and if you find something you haven't worn for a few months then bring it to a store that buys and sells clothes! You'd be surprised how much money you can make on something you forgot you had!

02) Make dinner at home - This is one of the best money savers. Going out to eat can be really expensive especially if you add on the cost of drinks! Check out Pinterest to find a fun recipe to try out and test your skills in the kitchen.

03) Pack your own lunch - Another big saver! Remember that meal you just made for dinner? Pack up your leftovers for work or school the next day instead of spending $8 on a sandwich that isn't even that great. This is also a great way to eat healthier throughout the week!

04) Use cash and collect your change - This is one of my favorite ways to save money! First, only spending cash makes you more aware of how much money you have left to spend (as opposed to the blindness of swiping your debit or credit card). Second, any time you get change throw it into your vacation fund! I saved up $180 in one year with this method! It's such a small amount each day that you don't notice but it's very rewarding once you bring it to the bank to cash in! I now use this savings shadow box that can be customized to show off what you're saving for!

05) Write a list before shopping and stick to it! - This is something I need to do better myself. Try and avoid those pesky dollar sections at the Target entrance and question yourself every time you throw something in your cart that's not on your list. Do you really need it? Or is it a splurge that you'll forget about in a week?

06) Have movie night at home - I am a big believer in skipping the theater and watching a movie at home instead. RedBox movies are so cheap and you already have snacks at home! Plus, it's a lot better to be cozy on your couch with a fluffy blanket instead of a movie theater seat.

07) Go to the library - Books can be really expensive but you can skip that cost by checking our your local library! They're free, they have a wide selection of books, magazines, and movies, and as long as you don't go over your due date you won't have to pay any fees!

08) Forgo that monthly subscription box - There are so many subscription boxes out there these days that people are bound to be subscribed to one of them. If you are one of those people, try and skip a few months and put that money into your vacation savings!

09) Skip your Starbucks trip - Even this tip is hard for me to follow but you can save a lot of money by skipping your daily Starbucks trip! Now, whenever I fight the urge to go get a caramel latte I make sure to throw $5 into my vacation fund as a reward! But don't get me wrong, I do treat myself every once in awhile. 

10) Check out free events - Entertainment doesn't have to be expensive! Try to find fun and FREE events in your town to save some money on the weekends!

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