May 11, 2016

My 3 Favorite Monthly Subscription Boxes

If you didn't notice from my previous post, I am a sucker for subscription boxes. I love the fact that you get a little package in the mail every month (for a decent price) filled with surprise goodies! I've tried multiple kinds of subscription boxes like nail polish, beauty, and even craft ones and I've narrowed all of them down to my three favorites!

1) Happy Mail - A stationary subscription box ($20/month)
I love this box because it is full of fun cards, post cards, posters, and more! Each piece is designed by the ladies of A Beautiful Mess and they fit multiple occasions. A lot of them are great for random days you feel like sending something cute as well! Some of them are so cute they can be framed as wall art or work space motivation!

2) Hello Book Lover - A book subscription box ($28/month + shipping)
Ever since I graduated from college I've finally been able to sit and read for enjoyment instead of for classes and it has been amazing! The only trouble was finding new books to read so when I heard about Hello Book Lover I knew I was going to love it! Each month you get to choose from two book options (or be surprised) and then they send you the book along with a few other surprises! They also have a great platform on their website to discuss the books after you've finished reading them which makes it feel like you're apart of a little online book club community.

3) Ipsy - A beauty subscription box ($10/month)
Ipsy is great because it's only $10 a month and you get quality high end products! With this subscription you fill out survey before ordering so they have an idea of what type of products you like receiving, what your skin type and color is, what type of hair you have, and more. The survey was one of my favorite parts because I knew my box would be filled with products that would be beneficial to me.

What are your favorite subscription boxes? I'm always looking for new ones to try! :)

- Jaqui

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