Mar 5, 2017

3 Places To Start Your Spring Cleaning

Happy March! With the new season upon us it's the perfect time to start some spring cleaning! It can feel daunting at first knowing you have so many areas you could go through so I've put together three places that will make a great start!

Starting your spring cleaning in your closet can seem really intimidating at first. But, if you break it down into sections it starts to be a lot easier to tackle. You have your clothing, your shoes, accessories, and outerwear that can all be sorted through separately. Each day you have time to work on your spring cleaning, just choose a category and get going! You'll see that once you start throwing away stuff in one category it makes it a lot easier to do it in another. This also gives you the opportunity to see what you want to be shopping for the next time you're out.

If you're anything like me you have a packed bookshelf with another stack building up on the floor next to it, a.k.a. an unnecessary amount of books. Take the time to go through them and keep the books you still need to read and for the finished books decided if it was good enough to keep in your collection or if it should be headed to Half Priced Books for some extra cash.

It's time to start getting rid of your old and expired make-up products! Go through your collection and get rid of things that are too old, like that mascara that's probably been with you for over a year, or things you just don't wear anymore. It will feel great to not have to dig through products that you know you haven't worn in ages when you're getting ready every day.

Where are the places you need to start your spring cleaning?

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