Aug 12, 2017

5 Great Solo Activities

Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my friends, family, and boyfriend, but the introvert in me just needs some time to myself. I love when I get a full day or even just a few hours to do whatever my heart desires and at my very own pace without having to worry about anyone else's schedule. Here's five great solo activities you can do to enjoy a day to yourself!

1) Visit your local farmer's market and get the ingredients you need for a meal you've been dying to try! Cooking is one of my favorite things to do but sometimes it's not as enjoyable if you're only doing it after a long day of work for dinner. Plan a fun Saturday dinner and spend the day prepping, cooking, and enjoying! I highly suggest this one pot pasta recipe!
2) Take your workout outside! In my city you can always find an outdoor yoga class that is happening right next to a gorgeous lake view. This is great if you don't have an entire day for your alone time but if you go by yourself you can really focus on your workout, breath in some fresh air, and relax after a long and busy day.

3) This one is for the creative person! Grab your camera and go on a photo adventure! Try to find cool murals in your city or the best view. Travel by bike to get some exercise and go places you might not normally go if you usually just drive through. If you're really feeling up for it, print some of your photos and make a little photo book of your day. I love exploring St. Paul and finding cool brick buildings!
4) Explore a cute downtown shopping area or new city close by that you haven't visited. You can go in and out of whatever stores look interesting, get inspiration for you home or closet, and grab lunch at a little cafe. I suggest keeping a book on hand when you're having lunch to just take the time to relax.

3) Get lost in a bookstore! I could spend an entire day browsing the aisles of a book store and I'm sure I'm not the only one. After you're done scanning the shelves choose a book or magazine and head to a local park! Pack a blanket or a hammock and enjoy the fresh air while getting lost in your new thriller!

What is your favorite way to spend a day to yourself?

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