Sep 12, 2017

Screen Time Struggle

Do you ever have those evenings (or full days) where you realize you've done barely anything but sit on the couch with Netflix on and scroll through your phone? That a lot of your time is spent browsing Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and so on? Lately I've found myself wasting so much time because of social media. And at the end of the day I feel sluggish, unaccomplished, and actually, brain dead. The time spent looking at those apps just bring me zero joy, yet I spend so much time on them.

A while back I downloaded the app Moment and it was a huge eye opener. It runs in the background (so it can cause faster battery drain) and tracks how much time you spend on your phone. There were some days where I was spending four hours on my phone! Which is CRAZY! Granted, I do use my phone for work so that makes a bit of a difference but you can even track how much time was spent on each app and it does a great job of showing you all the time you've been wasting. So, it's time for me to set my phone down and be productive with my days! I don't think I even realize all the things I can get done after work if I'm not glued to my phone. Here are just a few things I could spend my time doing after I set my phone down.

1) Enjoy being outside
Now that Kirk and I adopted a dog I've been going on 1.5 mile walks everyday. But sometimes I bring my phone with me and don't even enjoy the fresh air. If I leave my phone at home I'll be much more relaxed, aware of my surroundings (probably not the safest to be so focused into my phone), and it will give me time to just unwind after a busy day at work.

2) Work Out
No excuses for not getting some sort of a work out in! If I spend even 20 minutes doing yoga it will be better than sitting on the couch.

3) Blogging!
It's so funny because I always say I want to blog more but I never do! I'm always brainstorming ideas but never actually do anything with them. I could spend an hour a couple nights a week and be so much more consistent with my posting.

4) Craft
With the changing of the seasons there are so many crafts I want to make! Less screen time means more crafting time. But you will still find me on Pinterest looking up ideas.

5) Read
I just passed only the halfway point of my 2017 reading challenge and the year is already 3/4 of the way done! I need to step it up if I plan on reaching my goal of completing sixteen books this year! If I set my phone down and start reading earlier than just twenty minutes before I go to bed then the next seven books should be no problem!

Do you spend way too much time on your phone? What do you want to accomplish once you cut down on your screen time?

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