Dec 12, 2017

Tis The Season of Engagements!

As we approach Christmas and are deep into the winter months I keep seeing more and more engagement announcements popping up on my social media timelines. This time of the year just feels so romantic (how can it not with fairy lights everywhere) so I'm not surprised a lot of people are popping the question.

This is also the time of the year when money might be tight but it's still fun to congratulate a good friend if they just got engaged. I've put together a list of great gifts that are relatively cheap and simple to throw together to show someone how excited you are for their big news.

My gift included:
- bridal magazine - I chose The Knot
- nail polish - this one is even called Newlyweds!
- picture frame - for an engagement photo
- wedding planner - I made my own notebook that says "little notes for the big day"

Then I stacked all the gifts together and wrapped them with a cute ribbon and it was good to go!

Other gifts you could include are:
- bottle of champagne
- champagne glasses
- ring dish
- Mr. & Mrs. can koozies
- this adorable "totes engaged" tote bag
- a jewelry / ring cleaner
- this cute "does this ring make me look engaged" coffee cup

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