Apr 14, 2018

Creating a Recipe Binder + Weekly Meal Planning

Ever since Kirk and I moved into the new house I have been doing so well with meal planning. And I don't mean having everything prepped and made by Sunday evening, I just mean knowing the meals we will be having and having the grocery shopping done. One of my least favorite things is having to run to the grocery store after work. It's always so busy and it just puts me in a bad mood so getting all of my shopping done on Sunday makes my week less stressful.

There are two things that have helped me be successful with meal planning. My recipe binder (vs recipe box) and my weekly meal planner!

I got this idea from a friend (thanks Alyssa!) and it is so helpful compared to a recipe box. The recipes are printed on a full page, there's space to make notes, and it's way easier to print a recipe that I find online than to transfer it to a recipe card. To make a recipe binder all you need is a three ring binder (mine is a 2"), clear sheet protectors, category tabs, and recipes!
These are the categories in mine:
- Breakfast + Brunch
- Appetizers
- Sauces (dressings, marinades, etc.)
- Soup + Salad
- Beef
- Chicken
- Shrimp (or seafood)
- Pork
- Meatless
- Desserts
- Beverages

I've found it's best to sort my "main meals" by meat (or meatless) categories. Typically when I'm thinking of meals I think of what I already have on hand for ingredients. If I know I have chicken in my freezer it's easier to just flip to the chicken section and see what I can make.

The second thing that has helped me be successful with meal planning is my weekly meal planner! Which I've included as a free download! This is the perfect form to fill out the meals I'm planning on making and the groceries I need for the week all in one.

I have it broken down into days of the week but I don't always follow it. Sometimes I switch up the recipes and days but I always know I have ingredients for the five meals each week which is incredibly helpful.

Those are the two things that help me out immensely! Are there any tips or tricks that help you with meal planning each week? Or is that something you don't even do?

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